Laser hair reduction is a safe and effective method of getting rid of unwanted hair. Laser reduction has several advantages to other hair reduction strategies.

laser-hair-removal-treatmentAdvantages include:
  • Permanent loss of hair in target areas after 3-7 sessions
  • Treatment is quick and easy
  • No discomfort, raiser burn, bumps, or ingrown hair

Laser reduction works by targeting the darker pigmented hair follicles. The heat from the laser overloads the darker pigments and soon the follicles shut down. After each treatment, the follicles stop producing hair—leaving your skin free and smooth. Of course, the best part is that after a few treatments, the unwanted hair follicles close down forever. No more shaving!

There are several reasons to consider treatment. Many people feel embarrassed by unwanted hair in various areas. The good news is that laser hair reduction has advanced to the point of being highly effective in virtually any area of the body. It is also quick, easy, and relatively painless. The majority of our customers decide to receive treatment simply to save time, energy, and stress.

What to expect:

The process is very simple. You will be set on a comfortable chair. So far so good. We will protect any sensitive areas. So if we’re treating your face, we will wrap your hair in a cloth and cover your eyes with goggles. We will apply cooling gel to help protect your skin and allow the laser to glide across whatever area we are treating. When we begin treatment, we use custom setting to match your skin type so the process is relatively painless. Our skilled physicians will make sure you are comfortable the whole process.

Once you’ve received treatment you can continue your life with less stress and more confidence, pick up new hobbies, and participate in activities that used to horrify you: swimming, camping, and traveling. No need to carry that razor in your pocket.