A Pulsed Dye Laser is a specialized laser that targets the blood vessels in your skin. The laser passes through your skin and is absorbed as heat by the blood vessels. The heat breaks the blood vessels apart so they can be reabsorbed by your body. Soon the remnants clear away leaving behind your natural skin tone.

If you suffer from having a red face even when you’re not hot, flushed, or embarrassed, PDL treatment can help bring back your natural skin tone. PDL treatments are also used to treat Spider Veins, Rosacea, and most other discolorations caused by faulty blood vessels on the surface of your skin.

What to expect:

We will clean the treatment area and provide you with protective goggles. The treatment uses a safe yellow light which protects your skin from any long-term damage. The treatment is very quick, requiring only about a half hour, and no anesthesia is required. To help keep you comfortable, the machine releases a cool spray before issuing the laser. If treating a significant area or discoloration, it may take 2-3 treatments before you begin to experience the full effect.

Before treatment, we recommend that you use sunblock liberally. The more pigmentation (tanning) you have in your skin, the less focused our lasers can be. And after treatment, apply moisturizer, limit exposer to the sun for a few days, and sit back and enjoy watching the redness dissolve away. Hello you.