Skin Exams

Dr. Briley – Skin Exam

Risks of not being examined

Purpose of a skin exam


What to expect during a skin exam


Mohs Surgery

Dr. Wilmoth Mohs Surgery Overview

When does a patient need Mohs Surgery?

Cure rates for Mohs Surgery

What to look for in a Mohs surgeon

How long does Mohs Surgery take?

How long does it take to recover?

Possible complications

How much scarring should I expect?

Dr. Challgren – Mohs Overview

Skin Cancer Treatment Options


Psoriasis Overview

Who Psoriasis Affects and What Causes It

Psoriasis Treatment Options

Psoriasis Case Example

Psoriasis & Depression


Pediatric Dermatology

Common Skin Conditions

Pediatric Case Example

Benefit of Dermatologist

Rewards of Childcare

Patient Care Philosophy with Children


Medical Dermatology

What Does Medical Dermatology Mean

Most Common Skin Conditions

Medical Dermatology Case Example

How Dermatologists work with other Physicians

Patch Tests

Patch Test Overview

Patch Test Importance

What to Expect with a Patch Test


Our Providers’ Patient Care Philosophies

Dr. Gregory Wilmoth Philosophy on Patient Care

Dr. Eric Challgren’s Philosophy on Patient Care

Dr. Margaret Boyse Philosophy on Patient Care

Dr. Laura D. Briley’s Philosophy on Patient Care

Tracey S. Cloninger, PA-C Philosophy on Patient Care