Five Awesome and Unexpected Benefits of CoolSculpting

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Sometimes getting a smooth, sleek body contour can be very difficult or even impractical by relying on exercises and diet alone. In this case, CoolSculpting can be an excellent choice in achieving the body of your dreams. Following are five benefits of CoolSculpting:

1. Quick and Simple- The time taken during CoolSculpting treatments depends on the size of the part of the body being treated. However, most procedures take approximately 35 minutes per cycle, which is relatively fast and easy to do on a busy schedule. Furthermore, you can go back to your daily activities immediately after your session.

2. Non-Invasive- One of the significant benefits of CoolSculpting is the non-invasive nature of the treatment, which translates to no downtime. It works through a cryollipolysis treatment method that freezes fat cells in the targeted areas, leaving the surrounding parts untouched. Your body then gets rid of the cells gradually over the following weeks, resulting in a leaner, well-contoured figure.

3. Treats Different Areas- The common areas that most people choose to treat with CoolSculpting are the thighs, love handles, and stomach, even though other parts of the body can be enhanced by the non-surgical procedure such as bra fat and arms, commonly known as “bat wings”.

4. Natural-Looking Results- Any cosmetics procedure aims to enhance you. But CoolSculpting gives natural-looking body contours that begin to show gradually over time, just like how you would tone your body progressively by exercising. CoolSculpting results can last a long time as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, the results begin to show gradually, so it’s important to be patient and have realistic expectations.

5. Boosts Self-Confidence- When you look good, you feel good, and that is what CoolSculpting can provide. After adhering to strict exercising routines as well as a great diet, you may have been discouraged since you haven’t seen the results that you hoped for. We have very little control over where our bodies decide to store or lose fat, which makes the efforts to tone our body seem futile. This procedure can help you get and stay motivated towards a happier, fitter you!

If you are not up for a surgical procedure, but you’re bothered by stubborn pockets of exercise-defiant fat on your body, contact us at Southern Dermatology and learn more about the option of CoolSculpting.