It’s All About the Peptides

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Slowing down the clock in aging skin is perhaps the number one beauty concern for many women. Now, thanks to advancements in skincare, we can marvel at how many scientifically-backed products have found their way onto our shelves. Some ingredients worth noting are peptides, which for the building blocks in collage, the protein that makes up your skin. Improving collagen helps skin stay elastic and firm, and skincare lines that include peptides are praised for their results. Many products make bold claims that brand of peptides is just the miracle your skin needs. Don’t be fooled into thinking that peptides alone will do the trick, however. It is important to realize they work best in tandem with other ingredients and, even though they are powerful, they can only do so much.

Dr. Boyse with Southern recommends three skincare lines for the way they combine peptides with other ingredients to give you fresher, brighter, and younger looking skin.


Alastin Skin Regenerating Nectar with TriHex TechnologyTM has been designed to restore and strengthen your skin for lasting, lifelong effects.” It increases the natural enzymes in the skin that breakdown sun-damaged elastin and fragmented collagen,” according to Dr. Boyse. “By clearing out the ‘junk yard,’ of damaged elastin and collagen, production goes up dramatically.” So far, Alastin Skincare has demonstrated the greatest amount of cell growth, protein rejuvenation, and healthy maintenance, separating it from other skincare products.”


Skinbetter Science Smoothing Daily Treatment Cream FACE relies on its revolutionary InterFuseTM patented technology to deliver a super potent blend of messenger peptides to help skin appear more youthful. It also contains a neuro-calming peptide, which offers an immediate soothing effect for skin. This formula is lightweight an will not block pores while hydrates and keeps skin looking radiant.


Colorescience offers skin perfectors, foundations, UV protectors, and enhancers to keep skin shielded from harsh UVA/UVB rays. Their 3-in-1 Face Primers have targeted ingredients to treat specific skin concerns and instantly even skin tone and blue the look for pores- all while maximizing wear time of your makeup. They also feature a non-chemical broad spectrum SPF20, which is vital to any skincare routine. No ingredient can overcome continuous exposure to damaging sun rays, and peptides have the best chance at working well when used as part of an ongoing skincare regimen that includes excellent sun protection.


Dr. BoyseDr. Margaret B. Boyse of Southern Dermatology takes a conservative, affordable, holistic approach to determine if the simple solution is best or if she needs to apply more advanced technologies to treatment. She enjoys educating patients about prevention, building long-term relationships through excellent customer care, and being a part of their lives through her medical practice. Specialties include: Cosmetic Dermatology, General Adult and Pediatric Dermatology, Dermatologic Surgery and Skin Cancer.