Most people will at some point develop discolorations across their skin. These discolorations are caused by overactive melanin producers. Melanin is your natural pigment, but too much in small areas can stand out. Some spots are worse than others, but the good news is they’re all treatable.


When you meet with our dermatologists we will create a plan to help you reduce and even eradicate your age spots. There are always three aspects to our treatment strategy. The first is to remove excess surface pigment. The second is to repress pigment production with melanin suppressors. And the third is to protect skin from further damage and relapse. This three prong strategy will help you not only regain clear skin but keep it that way.

Treatment options:

  • Chemical Peels
    • Chemical peels penetrate below the discolorations and help new clear skin rise to the surface.
  • Laser Photorejuvenation
    • Laser treatments use highly focused heat waves to kill off the excess melanin in your skin and help your skin replenish itself splotch free.
  • Microdermabrasion
    • Microdermabrasion used a diamond to mechanically exfoliate your skin, helping your skin to naturally heal itself.
  • Surgery
    • Surgery physically removes unwanted discolorations with minimal damage or scaring.

What causes age spots

It is true that as people age they often accumulate more and more spots, but normally only in areas exposed to the sun. Radiation from the sun energizes your melanin producers to produce erratic patterns. So it is the sun more than age that creates age spots. The best way to minimize and prevent age spots in the future is by applying some good old-fashioned sunscreen.