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Freckle removal works for just about everyone. The quickest and most effective options are laser treatments. Your doctor will use these lasers to target the overactive melanin producers around your freckles. Melanin is the natural pigment of your skin that often groups together in small clumps affectionately known as freckles.

This melanin is designed to resist UV light from the sun, but it is susceptible to the larger wave forms produced by our lasers. The lasers we use pass harmlessly through the surface of your skin and sink deep into the melanin where it is absorbed as heat. This effectively turns off the extra melanin producers, leaving your skin clear and balanced. Most people normally require 3-5 treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart for best results.

Other treatment options include:
  • Cryosurgery
  • Creams
What to expect:

The first step to freckle removal is safety. Before you get rid of any freckles, it’s wise to have your dermatologist determine if any of the freckles are, or are likely to become, cancerous. This way you can avoid covering up important early indicators. Once you’ve determined you’re ready for treatment, you can look forward to newly balanced skin tones.

The whole treatment takes about 45 minutes. First we will cleanse your face, cover your eyes with protective goggles, and apply a cooling gel across the treatment area. This gel protects your skin and allows the laser to slide easily over the surface. When we use the laser, you will feel a series of soft pulses and before you know it, we’ll clean off your face and you’ll be done. Of course, your skin is more sensitive after treatment, so we make sure to apply some post-treatment sunblock.

You will want to keep your face protected with sunscreen for the next week if you’re planning to be outside much. After treatment, you may notice immediate results, but more likely for a couple of days your freckles will actually get a little darker as they rise to the surface and begin to peel off. Sooner or later though, even if you don’t see the freckles literally fall off, you will notice them dissolve away. It may take multiple treatments before freckles are entirely removed. But don’t worry about figuring it all out. When you come in we’ll create a customized plan to minimize and eliminate unwanted freckles. Here’s to clear skin!