Laser Service Options from Southern Dermatology

Sciton Halo

Halo is the world’s first and only Hybrid Fractional Laser that delivers a non-ablative and an ablative wavelength to the same microscopic treatment zone!

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Sciton TRL

Contour TRL safely removes a layer of skin to a depth for safe and effective skin rejuvenation.

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Sciton ProFractional

Dramatic results with minimal down time. ProFractional Therapy is a quick and comfortable laser procedure with little downtime, used for improving the overall appearance of your skin.

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Clear + Brilliant®

Clear + Brilliant can improve your skin’s tone and texture and improve the appearance of large or unsightly pores. Your skin will have a radiant glow that comes from having healthy, youthful skin.

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By using dual laser technology, Fraxel® Dual can slow down the effects aging has on your skin and reduce the visibility of scarring and fine lines. Fraxel® can be used to treat sun damage, age spots, surgical scars and more.

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Laser Hair Reduction

Laser hair reduction is a safe and effective way to remove unwanted hair from virtually anywhere on your body. By targeting the darker pigmented hair follicles, your skin will be left free and smooth.

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PDL Treatments

For those that suffer from skin conditions like rosacea, spider veins, and other discoloration from faulty blood vessels on the surface of the skin can be left with clear and smooth skin through PDL treatments.

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BBL BroadBand Light™ Phototherapy

Look younger and treat a variety of skin concerns with BroadBand Light™ (BBL) Phototherapy treatments at Southern Dermatology.

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Even with a consistent skin care regime, it can feel like a constant battle against fine lines, scars and wrinkles. Some imperfections you simply can’t control. There is a solution, though.

Laser procedures for the face and body are a safe and effective way to repair and smooth your skin to reduce the appearance of dullness from aging, acne or other skin issues. With lasers, only a portion of the skin is treated leaving the surrounding skin untouched to promote faster healing.

First off let me give you a little back story. I have been trying to get help with my skin for many years. The dermatologists that I have been to couldn’t figure out my problem. Each time I saw one, it would be three months until I can get in. I tried to get into Duke, and they kept giving me the run-around. When I finally had enough, the head of HR said that they can’t help me. I was desperate and found The Dermatology & Skin Cancer Center of Raleigh. I told them my story and they said, I’m sorry but we don’t have anything open for today, how about tomorrow. I couldn’t believe it, the next day and I was in. I explained my issues to the nurse and she took notes. Very quickly, the doctor came in and examined me. He included me his diagnosis and explained to me what he thinks it could be. He also worked with me with my current finical issue. He was able to do testing that would keep my cost down. Even after the testing, he made time to see me (not a scheduled visit) and explained his findings. His whole staff is very helpful. Everyone knows me by name. Everyone is very friendly yet professional. I will recommend this place to anyone that needs help with their skin.*
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