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Scars are a pain. Refresh your image with scar repair from Southern Dermatology

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We’ve all seen scars and most of us have some. They can be the result of injury, acne, or even surgery. And often people with prominent scars have decreased confidence, a poor self-image, and a constant reminder of negative past experiences. To help get reduce a scar we must consider all the different types and treatments. The best treatment for your scar may depend on its size, location, and persistence.

Treatment options include:
  • Silicone gels: These gels bind with the outermost layer of skin (the stratum corneum) to hydrate the scar and provide the protection necessary for the lower levels to rapidly repair and stabilize.
  • Noninvasive procedures: These procedures include Microdermabrasion, Chemical Peels, and various light/laser treatments.
  • Surgical revision: Our skilled physicians can carefully remap the contours of your skin to help repair scars and render any scar tissue less noticeable.

The best way to discover what treatment will be best for your scar is to meet with one of our scar specialists. We will carefully analyze your situation and walk you through the best possible solutions. In some cases you can almost entirely eliminate the presence of a scar; in others instances we can only minimize the scars appearance. But in all cases the goal is the same: to help you regain your old self.

Who to trust:

Because scars can be located in precarious positions, it’s important to work with experts to formulate the best solutions. It takes a deep understanding of the aesthetics of the face and the mapping of skin contours to perform the high caliber scar revision we’re known for. If you have questions and concerns about risks or side effects of treatment please feel free to call or schedule an appointment with one of our experts. In the end the reason we put so much effort into the perfect treatment is not just to hide your scars but to rebuild your confidence.

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