Why Winter Is The Best Time For Cosmetic Laser Treatments

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This article on laser treatments was originally published in “Triangle Style” Winter 2018, Page 74.

Winter is the perfect time to plan ahead for unwanted hair removal and a bright complexion for summer. Using cosmetic laser treatments on sunburned or tanned skin can be risky, and clients are advised to wait until tans have faded and sunburns healed. Since cold temperatures mean we spend less time exposing our skin to the sunshine, it’s the best time to receive these rejuvenating treatments. Sun exposure can severely damage the process, and avoiding it—along with a good skincare regimen before and after treatment— is important for your skin’s health and for protecting your investment.

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Many clients see results after the very first treatment, however, results tend to improve in the months following treatment. This accumulation is best achieved during winter, when protecting skin from the sun’s damaging rays is a bit easier than in warmer months. Southern Dermatology’s board-certified and experienced providers offer the latest state of the art technology, and invites you to create a plan now for your best summer skin yet.

Non-invasive treatments like Halo Pro™and Fraxel® improve your skin’s tone, texture, and radiance. Although they work differently, they both correct signs of aging, sun damage, and scarring. Many people are able to achieve results that make them look younger without any dramatic changes or extended downtime. ProFractional™ Resurfacing Therapy can also be used in the winter time to help your skin heal and improve collagen, which can tighten loose skin and reduce wrinkles. This laser treatment is especially well-suited for the delicate eye area, and many people see results in this tricky to treat area thanks to ProFractional’s high-tech approach.

Another laser treatment perfect for this time of year is BBL Therapy (BroadBand Light), which is basically an enhanced version of IPL (intense pulsed light). The truly remarkable benefit of BBL is that not only does it help clients achieve younger-­looking skin by repairing sun damage, rejuvenating the complexion, and encouraging anti-aging, but it restores the genetic pattern of aged skin. Like the other cosmetic laser treatment options at Southern Dermatology, BBL also achieves its results without downtime and provides long-lasting results.

Cosmetic laser treatments help to remove the appearance of sun damage, get rid of unwanted hair, and give you the beautiful summer complexion you want to show off year round. The skilled dermatologists at Southern Dermatology can create a treatment plan that is best for your skin’s individual needs.

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Dr. Margaret B. Boyse of Southern Dermatology takes a conservative, affordable, holistic approach to determine if the simple solution is best or if she needs to apply more advanced technologies to treatment. She enjoys educating patients about prevention, building long-term relationships through excellent customer care, and being a part of their lives through her medical practice. Specialties include: Cosmetic Dermatology, General Adult and Pediatric Dermatology, Dermatologic Surgery and Skin Cancer.

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